AV installation Essex

Enjoy TV and music effortlessly throughout your home with an audio-visual systems installed for your listening pleasure. Our specialist AV installers in Essex can make your AV dreams come true with stunning state of the art integrated digital music systems that can deliver audio and video to each room, each floor, and each area of your home, through to advice and installation of incredible speakers and digital power amplifiers delivering amazing sound and controllers with built-in music server, making it easy to appreciate your favourite music in high definition audio.

Our custom designed systems allow you to choose from and operate all of your audio and video options from your personal collection (DVD, CDs, iPod) satellite, radio, favourite streaming music services and more from any touch screen in your home. Play one song in the kitchen and a different song in the garden, or stream the same song to every-room. All you have to do is tell us what you would like and our programming team prepares specific buttons on your touch screens that give you immediate access to the programming you want, making everything just the touch of a button away.

We design open platforms system which enables us to work with leading brands, ensuring you have ultimate choice over the devices and products you wish to use.

Talk to our AV specialists at Clarke Infinity on 01277 624444 and enjoy effortless audio at your fingertips.