Clarke’s Barrisol Clim Ceiling – a UK first!

Building a home cinema requires a lot of equipment depending on the client and their needs, but a lot of the time this equipment can be unsightly or may create noise pollution, which is the last thing you want when creating a relaxing space for friends and family to escape to. That is why Clarke Infinity often recommend installation of the Barrisol Clim ceiling, a stretched fabric that aids with temperature control and noise cancellation, whilst still allowing you to achieve the perfect aesthetic in your cinema design.

No one can fully immerse themselves in a new film when they are being distracted by the whirring of an air conditioning unit. A perfect solution to this issue would be the Barrisol Cinematech Acoustic treatment – the perforated fabric keeps the equipment out of view and blocks out any bothersome sounds. It will also prevent any feeling of air hitting your skin, all whilst still keeping the perfect temperature.

Being the first of its kind in the UK, not only is this an effective solution, but it helps deliver a luxurious finish to tie together the entire room. There is no need to sacrifice style for comfort and convenience with this product.

Using high-end, bespoke solutions such as Barrisol, Clarke Infinity will ensure that you get the cinema room of your dreams with high-quality acoustics that allow you to enjoy anything you choose to play on the big screen to the max.

Read our recent case study where we installed the Barrisol ceiling and also used the stretched fabric as a finishing to the walls of clients Martin and Lisa’s ultimate home cinema room. This project, El Padrino, has also landed us a place as a Finalist in the CEDIA Awards 2020 (results pending at the point of publishing)!

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