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Do you want your home cinema in Hutton Mount designed with your enjoyment in mind?

Then the team at Clarke Infinity can help. Our bespoke home cinema projects offer a home entertainment system tailored to your requirements to provide unrivaled performance and finish befitting your lifestyle. Whatever your budget or needs, our team will build a system to surpass your expectations.


Delivering high-end audio quality, high definition viewing and effortless integration

Our commitment to customer service is second-to-none, with our team providing home visits before the project begins to map out and design the perfect home theatre. At Clarke Infinity, we can make your home entertainment dreams a reality ensuring an immersive and integrated solution.

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  • Mark Wright, Wrighty Home

    When Simon came to me to tell me I needed a lighting design I thought to myself, what are you talking about? Now, I know. It has just been incredible. The lighting controls are simply the best thing in the house. I love the Homely button. Simon said to me to choose a name that meant something to me and Michelle and that word is engraved on the switch, so with the press of one button we get the home’s settings exactly as we want them. It’s a game-changer!

    Mark Wright, Wrighty Home
  • You tend to stick with the people you use because you trust them… It was an easy choice working with Clarke Infinity. I know and I trust them and have been working with them for 22 years. On this particular project … you were one of the easiest people to deal with. You came in, stuck to the quote, I was really pleased – it was one less pressure I needed. Quality, value and service, every time.
    Aron, Pool Room Perfection
  • Simon is a complete expert in not only Audio Visual work but also in many other aspects of a building project. His experience allows him to see past the early stages and into what your project can look like at the end. This includes (and is not limited to) sound and vision, cinema design, lighting design, blind design, fabrics, the list is endless. In fact every aspect of how your house will actually look and importantly function. He is professional, calm and he knows his subject. Our finished project is a testament to his years of expertise within this sector.
    Martin, Hollywood House
  • We are extremely pleased with the amazing ceilings... such beautifully light spaces and we are so impressed with the flawless matt finish that will never need decorating. The ceilings have helped create the luxurious ambience we were striving for as well as providing the all important vapour barrier required. Your team who were really easy to work with took the time to understand our needs and the end result is great for which I thank you.
    Michael PR Kean, Bedford Lodge MD
  • The renovation at Castle Court has been a very special project for us, but we are so delighted with the final outcome. Clarke Infinity played a key role in the whole scheme and were brilliant. The new pool and spa space in the basement is a revolution. At the touch of a button we can cover the pool and turn the area into an entertaining space for the perfect party. The lighting system in this setting gives us full control and is completely intuitive to use.
    Steve B, Castle Court
  • We really enjoyed working with Clarke Infinity their expert knowledge and professionalism were a great addition to the team, and the finished result is impressive and has the WOW factor we were after!
    Owner, Clear Water
  • We enjoyed working with Simon and the team, their expertise has been invaluable and has helped us achieve results we are more than pleased with. We would highly recommend them!
    Paul, Elm Lodge
  • We had a vision for our new house, and it is wonderful to see it come to fruition. Simon and the Clarke team were a pleasure to work with and understood what we wanted to achieve. The architecture and technology work in synergy to make the home a joy to live in – exactly what we wanted.
    Mrs Q, Oak Vale
  • Entertainment has never been better than in our new home cinema room. We’re delighted with the results from Clarke Infinity, the team were integral to taking our vision and making it real, in a room that provides literally wall-to-wall comfort, ease and entertainment. We can hardly believe it was once our garage! A real touch of luxury, every day.
    Ben W, Belle Avenue
  • The end result has blown me away – just wonderful. We have been thoroughly impressed by the work of Clarke Infinity; they really care about every single detail.
    Martin, Lake View
  • Clarke Infinity were great to work with. What they did so well was listen to what we wanted to achieve. They worked so hard to make our dream become a reality, but at the same time brought in their own expertise to guide us to the best possible solution. We are thrilled with the results, and Clarke Infinity were key partners in bringing everything 35 together to work so well.
    Steve B, Castle Court
  • The end result has blown me away – just wonderful. We have been thoroughly impressed by the work of Clarke Infinity; they really care about every single detail. I am enjoying all our old movies again, along with the new ones… The cinema is easily our favourite room of the new house.
    Martin, El Padrino
  • It was great to have Clarke Infinity to project manage the installation of the new garden area. Their knowledgeable team knew exactly what we were looking to achieve and were one step ahead in understanding exactly how best to deliver that.
    Kurt Mayor, High Hill Manor
  • Home life is more relaxing with our whole property connected as a smart home. Having control of simple things like lights and blinds, as well as being able to toggle to security cameras or fill the room with music just tapping the control panels, gives us more space to really enjoy our time together at home. Plus we’re loving rewatching our BluRay collection in the cinema room. Thank you to the Clarke Infinity team!
    Ben W, Belle Avenue
  • Security was a priority for us and it’s reassuring to be able to keep an eye on our home and feel in control of who can access it. The Clarke team took the time to assess the building and make the best recommendations and the system really suits us and the property, it’s simple to use and makes us all feel that much safer whether we’re in or out.
    Steve B, Castle Court