How Does Sonos Work?

The Clarke Infinity team have years of expertise in designing and installing bespoke smart systems for our clients’ homes and when it comes to audio, for a seamless, user-friendly experience that ticks all the boxes – sound quality, functionality, aesthetics and more – we look to Sonos. If you find yourself asking ‘but how does Sonos work’, you’re in the right place; read on for more about how this leading brand and their range of products and technology can revolutionise your home audio experience.

About Sonos

Sonos create products that celebrate sound and effortlessly connect music lovers with the very latest content, continually striving to refine the listening experience for all, within the home and beyond. Sonos’ team of experts are passionate about the science of sound, creating world-class speakers that combine the best in acoustic engineering technology with future-proof, easy-to-use software. Their products afford true musical freedom without compromise – the freedom to listen to your content, your way, wherever you are… even if you’re on the move.

What does Sonos offer?

Your Sonos system offers the ability to stream all your favourite music, podcasts and more, across your network for a truly uninterrupted and beautifully balanced audio experience throughout your whole home, including outside areas. Connect multiple rooms to bring your home to luxurious life – and your family together – with seamless sound that doesn’t slow down and lose connection even in larger properties.

Imagine waking up to your favourite radio station and having it playing alongside you as you move from room to room throughout your morning routine. Need to refill the drinks while the big match is on? With your home cinema connected to your Sonos system, your kitchen speakers won’t miss a moment of the action while you’re away from the screen. Extending the party into the garden? Fantastic alfresco music is just a tap away.

Controlled through one easy-to-use app on your smartphone or tablet, where you can adjust individual speaker volume, customise alarms, activate voice control or Apple AirPlay 2 and much more, whatever your listening habits, your Sonos system is unique to your home and your lifestyle, designed with your ease and audio experience in mind. Fully customisable to suit your habits, and expandable when you want to add to your setup, Sonos embodies effortless listening.

Built for far more than just convenience, though, each speaker is engineered inside and out by world-class experts, combining proprietary acoustic and tuning technology with meticulous design to deliver stunningly immersive and detailed sound. In short – Sonos sounds fantastic as well as making your life easier!

Speak to the Clarke Infinity team about the possibilities Sonos holds for transforming your home listening experience, or to book an initial home consultation.

Product highlights from Sonos

Sonos offers true versatility to allow for seamless integration into your home – and your lifestyle. There’s something for everyone in the range. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Best for home cinema: we love the Sonos Arc, which features Dolby Atmos and eleven internal speakers to deliver incredibly precise sound in all directions with amazing depth, detail and clarity. With voice control functionality to boot, the Arc is perfect for taking your home cinema experience to new, immersive heights.
  • Best for a party on the go: lightweight, portable and waterproof, the Sonos Roam provides an uninterrupted listening experience wherever you go. Stream audio directly from your smart device, with WiFi or Bluetooth, and enjoy unbelievable clarity of sound in a compact, durable design.
  • Best for outdoors: Sonos and Sonance Outdoor Speakers offer a full, detailed sound experience in your garden or patio area. Weatherproof to withstand heat, cold, moisture and more, when powered with an amp and synced with your indoor system, the limits for continuous audio entertainment inside and out become endless.

Chat to us about your vision for Sonos in your home and we’ll make the best recommendations for products for your custom set up. In the meantime, why not browse the range on the Sonos website.

How do I get Sonos in my life?

The ideal first step on the journey of setting up any new smart technology into the home is always to ask the experts! The Clarke Infinity team have been creating bespoke solutions in our clients’ homes for years, so we have the know-how and the passion for achieving your smart home goals and exceeding expectations to bring your entertainment experience to new heights.

We’ve implemented Sonos products in many of our previous projects, including smart soundbars which are a great addition to your home cinema or gaming setup, or just for relaxing with music.

All you need for integrating Sonos into your life:

  • A power source – static products, such as the Playbase or Playbar (both great solutions for connecting up your TV audio) will need to plug in to the mains as well as to other components in your system, such as your television. Sonos also offer a selection of fantastic wireless, portable speakers, such as the Move, or the Roam – but they’ll still need to charge in order to deliver their 10+ hours of fantastic sound.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity – many of your Sonos products can be controlled via Bluetooth, but in order to get your new products set up in the first instance – or new items synced up with your existing system – you need to get yourself connected to your router.
  • The Sonos app – the app is your hub for connecting all of your streaming services, music libraries, radio player and audiobook providers all in one place, via your mobile device (such as your phone or tablet). Super easy to use, once you’re set up you’ll be listening to your favourite content through your new speaker system in no time. The app is then your go-to for getting the party started, commencing the next chapter of your audiobook, setting a relaxing ambience and more – and with in-built voice control capabilities, life couldn’t be easier.
    • The latest version of the app, Sonos S2, as well as offering increased security, an improved design and smarter software is a required version for some Sonos products, so make sure you check before you download.

Here at Clarke Infinity, we keep our finger on the pulse of ‘all things audio’ and have years of experience in the industry – so when it comes to recommending products and designing bespoke home solutions, we’re your team. Give us a call on 01277 624444 to talk about Sonos for your property and more.