Illuminating Ideas

We may all currently be spending time outside enjoying the extra hours of summer light in the mornings and evenings, but good lighting as is integral within the home as it is out.

Whether we’re talking essential fixtures to simply dispel the darkness, creating the perfect ambience or delighting visitors with something dazzling, at Clarke Infinity, we’re always thinking of new ways to implement lighting into our clients’ designs – ensuring it is as functional as it is exciting.

We recently installed this stunning feature in a client’s kitchen. This is obviously a room requiring plenty of practical light but that need not mean compromising on great aesthetics. The client was really pleased with how it looked – but there’s even more to this set-up than meets the eye. These lights also feature discreet Amina Plaster In-Ceiling speakers, pairing necessary convenience with that extra entertainment factor to set the ideal tone for the client.

Your options are not limited to inside the home… we try to continue this approach in your outside space as well. Bespoke, well-thought-out lighting can transform your outdoor areas as well as being functional where needed – from garden lamps to safely guide the way along your garden paths, to motion-sense or automated lights to increase security at night.

We can even highlight your favourite garden focal point – placing spotlights where needed to create a truly striking display to wow your guests.

Whatever your specific needs are when it comes to ‘lighting up your life’, Clarke Infinity have got you covered with unrivalled know-how and a keen eye for design. Speak to our experts today by giving us a call on 01277 624444.