Inspired by COP26 – Creating an Energy-Efficient Home

The UK Climate Change Conference (COP26) has been a prominent topic of news since it began on 31st October this year, and has sparked conversations far and wide between politicians, celebrities, activists and everyone in between about what we can and should do to fight the climate crisis. Whilst we may not have a voice within the conference room amongst world leaders, we can make changes to our own everyday lives to do our part in reversing climate change once and for all.

Clarke Infinity offer a wide range of services for the home and workplace, some of which can help make your space more sustainable and energy efficient. For example, our automated lighting and blind solutions can be programmed to different modes throughout the day. Have your blinds open all the way during the day to let in daylight and eliminate the need to have lamps and overhead lights on or have them close to help insulate your home.

Our lighting solutions allow you to programme your lights to turn on and off during specific times of the day, as well as being able to turn off every light throughout your house in one go with just one switch. No more having to worry about the kids leaving their bedroom light on before they go out! These integrated systems will help you preserve energy every day, with no effort required. We often work with equipment by Lutron when it comes to our lighting installations, which you can read more about here.

In a recent project, energy efficiency was high on our client’s priority list for their home. To meet the criteria, we installed a Clina surface heating and cooling system, hidden in the ceilings. Not only does this kit ensure the house maintains a comfortable temperature, but it works together with the Lutron automated blinds, integrated, and automated with the HAVC to reduce heat gain from the sun and maximise efficiency. Read more about this case study here.

If you think it’s time to make your home more environmentally friendly, the Clarke Infinity team would be happy to help. Just give us a call on 01277 624444 or email [email protected] to take one step closer to energy efficiency.