Keeping Things Smart!

Imagine being able to control multiple aspects of your home through easy to use touch screen panels, your own mobile phone, or even your voice. Smart home technology can do this for you and more, making every day living easier and more convenient than ever.

But not everyone wants a home with technology that is everywhere you look – that’s where Clarke Infinity come in…

We use our expert design skills to hide technology in sleek and stylish ways around the house, keeping the atmosphere friendly, warm and welcoming.

Create the idyllic home that suits your lifestyle; smart technology means you can set everything in your home to work alongside your schedule. Set a timer for your automatic blinds to open and let in the sunshine in the mornings or set the lights to dim down for when you’re chilling out later in the day. We can programme your lights to come on in rooms as you enter (depending on the time of day, of course) or even install an auto detect on your gates intercom so there is no need to press any buttons the intercom will simply sense when someone is there.

Clarke will pre-programme the system for you, setting everything up so that all that’s left for you to do is enjoy your new and improved home.

By applying creative design ideas and installing smart systems such as Crestron, Control4, Amazon Alexa, you won’t even notice it is there until you need it.

If you want to modernise your home without losing your style among the tech, get in touch with Clarke Infinity and book in a virtual consultation to start your journey to your dream home. Click here to read more about one of Clarke’s recent projects in which hidden smart technology was used throughout.