Lake View Games Room – That’s Entertainment

Every so often you get a project come along that you know is going to be a bit special. Sometimes it’s a new innovation that is going to set the tone for the future. Other times, it’s the scale of the job that gives you the chance to try something really unique. Or, it’s the concept of the project that is such an interesting piece of work that you really can throw yourself into it.

Fortunately, because of the scale and scope of work we do at Clarke Infinity, this type of project comes along more of often than you might think. What is rare, however, is when the brief has an element of all three of these aspects to really get the creative juices flowing. That was certainly the case for this Games Room at Lake View.

When long-term clients, Martin and Lisa, came to Clarke Infinity with an idea for a games room unlike any other, we knew it was going to be a project to remember. Even now, shortly after its completion, it’s already providing a spark of inspiration for many other installations we are working on – not just for games rooms, but for all areas of the home.

The overall objective with the games room was to create a living space that would serve as an entertainment hub – a space that everyone could enjoy and spend time together in. Designing a space that appeals to all ages is never easy, as we all have our own unique preferences, but the Clarke Infinity team take great pride in listening carefully to clients to understand the best way to meet their needs – keeping the whole family happy is just an extension of that.

In addition to the snooker table, juke box, bar area and grand piano, the games room was to be finished with a focal point flatscreen TV and an integrated smart control system. Not only that, but to ensure that those sitting at the bar had entertainment without having to turn around and watch the TV from across the room, two Sony Panasonic screens behind the bar were installed.

Creating a way in which this 25m room could be used for different entertainment all at the same time, was at the heart of the project. Everyone needed to feel part of the action. Accompanying the 85” Sony screen installed in the living area of the room were Wisdom Audio’s latest Sage L75i Line Source speakers. Line Source technology means the sound drops off much less than conventional speakers, providing consistent volume over long distances and ensuring everyone in the room can enjoy not only a great visual experience, but also equally good sound quality from all points in the room.

Below the larger screen in the living area, Clarke Infinity added black dialectic glass, specifically designed for hosting television screens. Behind this glass, another 65” screen was added, which can be used both in a traditional way, or, for a modern twist become a virtual fireplace or fish tank to add extra ambience to the space.

Bringing it all together, the Clarke Infinity team installed Lutron lighting along with a touchpad, so that the ambience of the room could be controlled easily and flexibly to match the desired mood. To complete the interactive experience, the Control4 smart system provides total control, with handheld remotes and a tabletop touchscreen that synergise to allow the client to monitor and use multiple aspects of the room with ease.

Now that’s entertainment.