Light up Your Life with Lutron

Lighting can make or break an indoor space, whether it’s your home or work environment. It helps to set the ambience around you, and by implementing automated lighting you can pre-programme your lighting to fit your needs and mood throughout the day.

Clarke Infinity’s first choice when it comes to lighting control is Lutron. Our primary reason for choosing Lutron as a lighting control partner is trust – they’re a trusted brand that always delivers on performance, product reliability and simplicity. Each of these qualities give us intrinsic value which is difficult to find elsewhere. Product performance is second to none – their commitment to innovation and research has led to continued product evolution over the last 60 years as the landscape of architectural and performance lighting has itself continued to evolve. This dedication to performance is also what leads to excellent reliability. We have deployed Lutron systems for almost 30 years, and their long-term dependability keeps our clients happy and gives us peace of mind that we’re not going to have a phone call on a Saturday night in order to fix a fault.

Lutron understands the importance of simplicity when it comes to lighting control. Control should be intuitive, easy for homeowners and their guests alike to follow; with our decades of programming knowledge, we ensure that the complexities of whole-home control are handled by the system processor, and the client experience is smooth and easy.

Not only this, but by installing a lighting control system in your home or workplace, you are making your space more energy efficient. Lutron solutions are not just better for the planet, but better for your pocket in the long run.

If you are building your dream home, then Lutron would be Clarke Infinity’s first recommendation for lighting control. Give the team a call on 01277 624444 today to arrange a consultation with our lighting design team.