Meridian majesty simplified

Installing high-end audio has commonly meant sacrificing functionality, but no longer. Here at Clarke Infinity, we have been at the forefront of delivering turn-key high-end AV solutions, from the likes of Steinway and Meridian, which have at times prioritised simple control over whole home integration.

This year signals a new dawn for the top end of the industry with Meridian working hard to deliver controllability that allows seamless integration across an entire residence, delivering:

  • Fit and forget solution – All-new highly efficient and cool-running equipment producing quality equal to the most luxurious of sound systems
  • Amplified performance – Systems driven to providing the trademark fidelity and high resolution performance of Meridian to every single room it supports
  • Flexibility and functionality – Equipped with lip-sync technology and universal capability to comfortably support all amplifiers and speakers

You can now truly have the very best audio and the simplest control solutions without compromise by calling our experienced team on 01277 624444.