No ceiling is a stretch too far…

Ever laid on your sofa at home, gazed up at the ceiling and thought you could do more with the space?

With hugely versatile Barrisol stretch-ceilings you have the capability to transform any indoor space into a work of art.

Check out this incredible stretch ceiling that we installed in the Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa to complement the charm of the country house, but add a modern and luxurious feel.

Whether you are thinking of a dramatic pool ceiling bringing the outside in, acoustically transparent panels in a cinema room hiding speakers or vibrant lighting solutions creating a focal point – Barrisol is for you.

Here’s just some reasons why would should pick a Barrisol stretch-ceiling for your property:

  • Bespoke aesthetics – Beautiful designs can be displayed in any space to instantly add a dash of colour or scenery to the most mundane space
  • Long-lasting solution – A durable material with a flawless matt finish that will never require decorating and is resistant to cold and heat
  • Built for sound – Barrisol Acoustic joins to the insulating materials for a good acoustic correction within any building for optimal performance
  • Lighting integration – Use Barrisol techniques for the integration of all types of lights to make your designs more eye-catching

As the only authorised supplier of Barrisol stretch-ceilings in Essex, give our expert team a call to book in a site visit on 01277 624444 or view more about our latest spa project here.