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Home cinema heaven.

The home cinema experts at Clarke Infinity were tasked with transforming a garage into a dream chillout area in which the owners and their family and friends could indulge their love of films and immerse themselves in home entertainment bliss. The team would need to begin from scratch to convert the 3m x 6m garage space from the ground up, applying their expertise to the flooring, walls and ceiling, installing air con alongside smart home and entertainment technology to create the perfect acoustic, visual and comfort setup, maximising the available space with discreet, high-tech equipment, to replicate the magic of an authentic cinema experience – and take it to indulgent new heights.

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Project Criteria
Home Cinema


The ability to transform any room into an immersive home cinema

It was key to the owners that the most was made of the available space, with minimalistic and uncluttered aesthetics and all hardware hidden away, delivering incredible acoustics and visuals whilst integrating ample seating for all, offering unrestricted views of the action and stunning sound no matter where you sit in the room. Full smart control of the AV, lighting and temperature, from portable central access points, would be important to allow a seamless experience and an unmistakable touch of luxury. Only the best, futureproof, equipment would do to allow the owners to enjoy the room, worry free, for years to come.

Entertainment has never been better than in our new home cinema room. We’re delighted with the results from Clarke Infinity, the team were integral to taking our vision and making it real, in a room that provides literally wall-to-wall comfort, ease and entertainment. We can hardly believe it was once our garage! A real touch of luxury, every day.

Ben W, Belle Avenue



Smart controlled luxury home cinema solution

The fundamentals of any home cinema are, of course, audio and visuals. To convert the garage into cinematic bliss, the team applied acoustic treatment to the walls and ceiling to achieve a fantastic 0.4 second reverb time for an immersive, uninterrupted sound experience akin to a luxury night out at the movies. Simply put, the room sounds amazing. The new Sony 4K SXRD projector was installed discreetly at the back of the room to provide crystal-clear pictures on the screen on the opposite wall, giving fantastic visuals from any angle and bringing the family’s beloved movie collection to the next level of viewing pleasure.

Smart control functionality from Control4 allows the owners to hop between BluRay, gaming and TV with just the tap of a button on the central, easy-to-use device, adjusting sound, visuals and more to their bespoke requirements with barely the need to move a muscle. Ambience is key to any luxury experience and the team combined simple functionality and stunning aesthetics with adjustable LED lighting, placed along the pathway and top edges of the side walls, achieving a look reminiscent of the movie theatre whilst giving the visual illusion of a longer space and enhancing the room in any configuration.


A comfortable and relaxing big screen experience

The whole front of the room was converted into cosy sofa seating and scatter cushions, providing ample space for all and indulgent comfort throughout – perfect for chilling out for viewing sessions and long nights of sleepovers. Electric reclining cinema seating for two was installed at the back of the space, giving an unmistakable nod to a traditional cinema experience combined with the simple convenience and comfort of home. 

The room was finished with sumptuous carpet and the owners’ favourite movie poster adorned the entrance as a final touch to set the scene and highlight the cool, cinematic feel of the space.

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