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First of its kind - Clarke Infinity taking cinemas to the next level.

Clarke Infinity have worked for Martin and Lisa on several projects and properties over the years and they called Clarke in when their new home was in the very early stages of planning. The couple wanted El Padrino to be a fully integrated smart home where every detail was considered and central to the family’s plans was a home cinema; a room where they could relax and celebrate their passion for music, movies and entertaining. Clarke Infinity were entrusted with making the clients dreams a reality – designing and creating a truly luxurious cinema room.

Project Details


Project Criteria
Home Cinema


An immersive home cinema experience

The couple’s vision was a large home theatre that delivered a fully immersive big screen experience for the entire audience. The room needed to be both luxurious and comfortable with air conditioning throughout but without the cinema being negativity impacted by the air-con noise and unsightly equipment.

The end result has blown me away – just wonderful. We have been thoroughly impressed by the work of Clarke Infinity; they really care about every single detail. I am enjoying all our old movies again, along with the new ones… The cinema is easily our favourite room of the new house.

Martin, El Padrino



Technological skills and industry knowledge to deliver exactly what the client had envisioned

The team used acoustic modelling during the design stages which allowed a full treatment plan to be devised and implemented. Every element of the design was considered, from heavy access doors with noise control seals, to the creation of a sound lock corridor preventing the sound from travelling beyond the room – and more.

The client wanted the room to be extremely comfortable and ambient which meant both the cinema and AV room required air conditioning. Clarke Infinity’s cinema design included a Barrisol stretched fabric ceiling and finishing to the interior walls; the Barrisol Clim ceiling is the first of its kind in the UK.

WHAT OUR EXPERTS SAY - “It is always lovely to assist a client over the years and to be a part of their property journey. The Barrisol Clim ceiling and acoustic solutions takes the cinema to the next level in luxury with HVAC you can’t see, feel or hear! The cinema is sensational.” - Simon Clarke, MD


Providing exceptional acoustic solutions

The perforated stretched fabric evenly distributes the air, ensuring the ceiling becomes a diffuser for any sound coming from the air conditioning – as well as keeping any unsightly equipment out of view. The Barrisol Clim ceiling ensures you cannot see the HVAC, you cannot feel it (as the velocity in the occupied area is around 0.2m/s and human beings cannot feel the air movement when the velocity is less than 0.3m/s) and you cannot hear it due to the unique design – yet it delivers a luxurious finish and allows the air-conditioning to keep the room at the perfect temperature.

The team worked closely with the air conditioning company and specified every detail, from the placement of equipment and pipework, inclusion of broad band absorbers and creation of void to deaden sound. The result of the various acoustic solutions Clarke deployed is less than 15db of audible external, background noise, which is inaudible from any of the seating positions.

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