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Paul and Sue were looking to create the idyllic home – technologically advanced whilst still being clean and minimal – that they would be able to enjoy on a day to day basis as a couple but would also be the ideal base for family gatherings. They turned to Clarke Infinity, who were determined to make their dream of the picture-perfect modern home come to life.

Project Details


Project Criteria
Smart home


A discreet and easy to use smart home solution

To provide the couple with a home run by subtle and easy to use technology, without it being the main attraction when you walk through the door; equipment would need to be hidden and discreet. Clarke Infinity would need to use their extensive knowledge of high-end tech and design to create a smart home that was warm and welcoming perfectly fitting the client’s needs.

We enjoyed working with Simon and the team, their expertise has been invaluable and has helped us achieve results we are more than pleased with. We would highly recommend them!

Paul, Elm Lodge



A system that works together to create the perfect home

Clarke Infinity worked with the builders in the very early stages of the project to raise the lintel in the walls above the windows, creating pockets which allowed Clarke Infinity to install the blinds and curtains in a way that kept them hidden, delivering the clean and uncluttered look that the couple had envisioned.

The cinema room feels cosy with the motorised cinema screen hidden behind curtains and the built-in projector is tucked into the wall to ensure it is unobtrusive when not in use. Clarke Infinity designed a smart solution and installed an array of integrated technology from blinds, garage door, CCTV, lighting, automated velux windows, entertainment system and more all controlled by touch panel, remote control and by phone.

Clarke’s expert team preprogrammed much of system from the lighting panels designed to reflect the mood, activity or time of day at the touch of a button to blinds set to open and close and the velux windows fitted with rain sensors to automatically close just in case. Amazon Alexa was integrated into the system allowing easy voice control. The system works together beautifully to create the perfect home.

WHAT OUR EXPERTS SAY - “It is wonderful to see our client’s vision come to life and it is particular special when we have worked with the client over many years. The house truly delivers both in terms of easy to use hidden technology and stunning aesthetics.” - Simon Clarke, MD

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