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Elevating spaces with automated blinds and curtains.

Intuitively designed smart solutions were to be the cornerstone of this magnificent multi-floor property, bringing together luxurious finishings and ease of use. Automated blinds and shades, configuration designed and installed by Clarke Infinity, deliver the minimalist aesthetic the family were after whilst ensuring the property has an airy, open feel throughout the day but also providing a cosy retreat after dark.

Project Details


Project Criteria
Blinds and curtains


Bespoke solutions

From project inception, Clarke Infinity were tasked with creating solutions which not only captured the desired look and feel of the stunning property but also offered intuitive, bespoke solutions for each room. Solutions needed to seamlessly flow throughout the property, catering to the family's lifestyle. The property boasts stunning full-height windows, necessitating effortless solutions for dressing and automation.

The aim was to create a high-end design which seamlessly integrated into the home's aesthetic while providing life-enhancing functionality.

Shedding light on automated blinds

Clarke Infinity installed luxurious Lutron blinds throughout the property, seamlessly blending groundbreaking technology with exquisite design. The automated blinds can be effortlessly controlled with as little as a tap or even through voice commands, ensuring unparalleled ease of use and enhancing the overall living experience.

We believe in crafting spaces that seamlessly blend luxury with functionality, ensuring that every aspect of a client’s home reflects their unique style and enhances their lifestyle. This stunning property delivers that balance perfectly and the clients are delighted with the end results.

Simon Clarke, Clarke Infinity



Lutron: Luxury every time

A meticulously crafted combination of Lutron roller blinds and curtains adorns every room, including the family room, dining and sitting rooms and the cinema room, with fabrics and finishes individually chosen to enhance each space's ambience and decor.
The Lutron blinds and ceiling mounted curtains not only elevate the look and feel of the space but also deliver intelligent functionality, offering shade and privacy in the evenings and welcoming natural light during the day.

Clarke Infinity’s design sees the automated curtains working seamlessly with other elements of the smart home solutions to make living in the house a pleasure. As you enter the family rooms, where the curtains have been closed to protect the furniture from light damage when the room is not in use, they will automatically open allowing the sun to flow in.

Automated programming integrates with stylish Lutron keypads, offering a manual override option. With just the touch of a button, the blinds operate effortlessly, marrying technology with ease of use for ultimate control.

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