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A cinematic oasis.

A home cinema is a dream for many movie lovers, and we pride ourselves on creating extraordinary spaces which deliver for our clients. Clarke Infinity have worked for the family on several projects and properties over the years and they called in our expert team when their new home was in the very early stages of planning. The customer sought an unrivalled cinematic experience and entrusted the team to bring the vision to a reality – designing and creating a truly luxurious cinema room.

Project Details


Project Criteria


Immersive experience, uninterrupted comfort

The brief was to create a cinema room which delivered a fully immersive cinematic experience and would be a sanctuary where technology and luxury intersect, delivering an experience beyond compare. There could be no concessions when it came to quality and comfort. The room was to evoke an awe-inspiring cinematic experience ensuring no distractions once the opening scene commenced, thereby guaranteeing uninterrupted enjoyment of the family’s favourite films and sporting action.

Immersive technology

In our quest to create an unparalleled cinematic experience, every detail matters. Watch our video showcasing this cinema’s AV and luxury finish to find out more.

Crafting the perfect cinematic sanctuary starts with designing a space which boasts impeccable acoustics, fostering an immersive auditory experience. With those foundations laid, the potential for delivering a top-tier experience to the client knows no bounds.

Simon Clarke, Clarke Infinity



Crafting the ultimate cinema escape

Our team at Clarke Infinity commenced by perfecting the acoustics and managing ambient noise levels – getting the foundation right to allow for building the perfect cinematic experience. Ambient lighting was carefully orchestrated through ceiling and side fixtures, to heighten the dramatic ambience, while custom seating ensured the height of luxury and comfort.

The cinematic set-up itself epitomises state-of-the-art sophistication. Adeo Screens FramePro RE 135-inch AT ensured top-quality cinematic reproduction while stunning sound was achieved Monitor Audio speakers, including the C380-FX in-ceiling surround sound speakers and ICS-8 subwoofers. The project also includes Monitor Audio C380-IDC three-way design providing deeper bass, a higher system output and greater power handling. The craftsmanship delivering a symphony of audio perfection.

Control4 provides the ease of use the family were after with touchscreen panels and pre-programmed tablet to ensure control of the cinematic magic is at the family’s fingertips.
The cinema more than fulfils the requirements of providing an immersive and opulent experience.

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