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The epitome of pool and spa luxury.

A swimming pool is often a coveted feature on a property wish list, but the North Lodge property’s pool and spa take this desire to a whole new level, boasting not only a pool but also treatment rooms, a steam room, jacuzzi and more. This space represents the pinnacle of luxury, and settling for anything less than perfection is simply not an option. The family has been a long-standing client of Clarke Infinity, entrusting our team to bring to life their vision of pool room audio visual excellence.

Project Details


Project Criteria
Pool and Spa


A dive into innovation

The Pool Room presented a unique challenge: to create a luxurious space perfect for relaxation and enjoyment while also doubling as a vibrant party venue. With entertainment at the core of the entire property, the Pool Room needed acoustics which could match its lively atmosphere. Balancing these two objectives required careful planning and innovative solutions to ensure the space could seamlessly transition from tranquil retreat to dynamic gathering spot without compromising on comfort or style.

The brief for the gym called for a motivating space with audio visual functionality to enhance workouts. Integrating high-quality AV equipment into a fitness environment while maintaining a sleek and uncluttered aesthetic required strategic placement and meticulous attention to detail.

Drawing upon our extensive experience of creating intelligent bespoke design, alongside access to the finest cutting-edge technology and equipment available, we made a splash for all the right reasons.

Pool and spa haven

Dive into this stunning pool room oasis, where versatility meets serenity, seamlessly transforming from a haven of quiet tranquillity to the ultimate entertainment space as the mood dictates.


Making a splash

Designing a smart audio solution for a swimming pool area presents challenges, particularly regarding the acoustics of the room. Our involvement from the room's inception, however, allowed us to expertly prepare the space for audio excellence. We calculated and organised the acoustic treatment in the Pool Room to mitigate the echo typical of swimming pool environments and served as a vapour barrier, protecting the room from moisture damage.

The Pool Room was meticulously crafted to seamlessly transition into the ultimate party space, complete with a movable dancefloor. Acoustic treatments were strategically applied throughout the room to establish a solid foundation for superior sound quality. Complemented by concealed in-wall and ceiling Sonance speakers and ultra-high-performance Ruckus R550 dual band Wi-Fi, the space delivers a truly immersive audio experience, ensuring the party atmosphere comes alive with vibrant energy as soon as the event starts.


Harmonising comfort with control

Control4 temperature controls, featuring wet and electric heating zones, were implemented to guarantee a comfortable environment regardless of the room's purpose. This user-friendly approach extends seamlessly to the Lutron in-wall touch panels, where with a simple touch, one can effortlessly adjust the lighting to set the desired mood or switch off all lights at the end of an evening, delivering on overall convenience and the enjoyment of the space.

The treatment rooms offer a serene atmosphere for relaxation, featuring in-ceiling speakers and ambient lighting which set the perfect mood. The gym is equipped with Bowers & Wilkins speakers and a TV to keep the family motivated during workouts, providing an energising environment to support their fitness goals.

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