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A symphony of smart living.

In the busy heart of Essex, North Lodge awaited a transformation which would seamlessly weave luxury and convenience into every corner of this stunning property. Yearning for a home which epitomised both opulence and practicality, the owners sought Clarke Infinity's expertise to orchestrate a bespoke smart home solution.
The family have worked with Clarke Infinity on a number of properties over the years and when their new home was in its initial planning stages, they once again turned to our expert team.

Project Details


Project Criteria
Smart home


A tailored solution

Crafting a bespoke solution for a residence as unique as North Lodge posed its own set of challenges.

Among the family’s aspirations was to create a home perfect for entertaining. This was at the heart of many of the elements including the creation of a luxurious cinema room sanctuary, a pool room and spa which was to seamlessly transform into a perfect party space with acoustics to match.

Clarke Infinity was tasked with integrating lighting, blinds, security, and audio visual solutions into a cohesive and intuitive system, while also ensuring a luxurious finish and feel across the multiple floors of the stunning property.

Smart Solutions

Desiring a home that embodied both luxury and functionality, the owners turned to Clarke Infinity's expertise to orchestrate a tailored smart home solution.

We specialise in designing smart home solutions that effortlessly blend luxury, convenience, and entertainment, ensuring every facet of the home harmonises to make living in your home a joy. This was a fabulous project to be part of and truly delivers a smart solution that has the family at its heart.

Simon Clarke, Clarke Infinity



Effortless by design

The cornerstone of the solution lay in Control4, an interconnected platform which flawlessly linked lighting, audio visual and entertainment solutions, CCTV, and blinds via discreet touchscreen control panels.

Ease of use was paramount to the brief, and throughout the property, the solutions were designed with the family in mind. From pre-programmed lighting options to automated blinds and more, every aspect caters to their convenience. For instance, upon entering the Billiards Room during the day, the curtains, previously closed to safeguard the furniture from light damage when the room is not in use, automatically open, allowing the family to simply enjoy the game.

The remit of crafting a home with entertainment at its heart was music to our ears, and the solutions implemented across the property are both extensive and bespoke. They have been meticulously designed for the individual spaces, prioritising luxury and ease of use at every turn.


Audiovisual perfection

The Pool Room was designed to transform into the perfect party space with a movable dancefloor and acoustics which would help create the ideal atmosphere. Acoustic treatments were applied throughout the room to create the foundation for sound, while hidden Sonance speakers provide a powerful audio experience when the party gets started. Click here to read more about the Pool Room and Spa.

The team designed a luxurious cinema room sanctuary which delivers an immersive experience free from distractions allowing the family to fully enjoy a movie or sporting spectacular on the big screen. The cinema features acoustic wall treatments for impeccable sound and a state-of-the-art 135-inch Adeo Screens FramePro screen for breathtaking visuals. Portable touch screen controls from Control4 add convenience, allowing effortless switching between a movie, match and more.

North Lodge Our Services

  • Site visit and survey
  • Liaison with clients, interior designers, architects and contractors
  • Bespoke design, quotations and installation by expert team
  • Barrisol – world leader of stretched ceilings
  • Audio/Visual systems
  • Lighting
  • Automation and control
  • Security installations
  • Full system support
  • User training
  • Turn-key solutions