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A home without compromise.

Creating a new property of modern, contemporary design, the clients wanted a space reflective of their wish to build a home without compromise. The owners turned to Clarke Infinity to create a fully integrated smart home, featuring an outstanding audio and visual experience which flowed throughout the inside of the property and out into the garden.

Project Details

Essex, UK

Project Criteria
Fully integrated smart home


A luxurious, clutter-free home in every aspect

Clarke Infinity were tasked with creating feature lighting through to optimum temperature control that delivers excellent performance and is easy to use. Key aspirations of the client included wanting the property to maintain their privacy, be secure, be energy efficient, and look visually striking. The experienced Clarke Infinity team designed and implemented solutions with performance, discreet appearance, and great functionality in mind.

We had a vision for our new house, and it is wonderful to see it come to fruition. Simon and the Clarke team were a pleasure to work with and understood what we wanted to achieve. The architecture and technology work in synergy to make the home a joy to live in – exactly what we wanted.

Mrs. Q, Oak Vale



The experience to create the perfect environment

In order to deliver the simple-to-use, high-tech system that the client was looking for, we installed a number of solutions, connecting them all through simple user interfaces with keypads and touch screen capabilities. The lighting design includes statement and ambient lighting to reflect the owners’ lifestyle from room to room.

Working closely with the client, we ensured the programme sequences met with the functions of each room, with master override buttons to raise and lower all lights. The centrepiece of the house is a large, open-plan kitchen, dining and living space which benefits from stunning lighting detail and automated window treatments to complement the aesthetics of the polished concrete walls and floors. The beautiful blackout smart glass maintains privacy and the purity of the design, with options to alternate the appearance of the glass from transparent, to grey, and to blackout.

Security was a key priority throughout the design phase and the project features automated bollards, blackout smart glass, alarm system, CCTV and security lighting including perimeter beams, all with fully integrated control and remote access. The Clina surface heating and cooling system hidden in the ceilings works silently with smart blinds to deliver energy-efficient performance and every room in the property has automated blinds to maximise energy efficiency.

WHAT OUR EXPERTS SAY - ““The couple are delighted with the bespoke solutions that we tailored to their needs and the end result is magnificent.” - Simon Clarke, MD

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