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Game-changing lighting and blinds.

Clarke Infinity worked alongside Mark Wright from the start of this build project, making recommendations from the planning phases through to the implementation of fully integrated and automated lighting and blinds. This is not the first time that Clarke Infinity have worked with the Wright family, and the team were delighted to help Mark and Michelle bring their home aspirations to fruition, helping to create a luxurious but cosy feel within their stunning property.

Project Details


Project Criteria
Lighting and blinds


A relaxing and entertaining modern family home

Mark and Michelle were looking to create a modern family home – a space to relax, entertain and enjoy. The scale of the property was extensive, but building from the ground up afforded a wonderful opportunity to fully implement smart solutions that delivered excellent performance as well as intuitive useability. To find the right solutions, Clarke Infinity needed to give consideration to various elements, from the couple’s privacy and security requirements through to convenience and energy efficiency, all while also delivering on a luxurious look and feel.

It has been incredible. Thanks for the best thing in this house…

Mark Wright, Wrighty Home



Ground-breaking and intuitive technology

The Clarke Infinity team designed the bespoke lighting and control system with the celebrity couple in mind. Incorporating feature lighting, atmospheric interior lighting and exterior security lighting, every aspect was considered.

The project uses Lutron Alisse Wall Control Switches, which not only look great but are also intuitive and easy to use. The tailor-made buttons are configured for the couple, with custom engravings for the ultimate in personalised light control. The lighting has been pre-programmed to change the mood at the touch of a button – whether that is to watch the game, snuggle in for a movie or an all off shutdown for the end of a night.

Clarke Infinity installed luxurious Lutron blinds throughout the property, successfully combining ground-breaking technology with high-end design. The Lutron automated blinds open and close at the touch of a button or can even be voice controlled making them really ease to use. The blinds are virtually silent, which also makes them feel very unobtrusive.

The rear of the house features a lot of glass allowing the homeowners to make the most of amazing countryside views. This does create the risk of solar gain from the extensive glass, but the automated blinds are the perfect remedy. With a fully controllable lighting and blind design, the property feels very different from day to night and delivers the personal experience Mark and Michelle were after.

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