Revival of the Vinyl

Whether you are looking to be a first-time turntable owner or are eager to revisit one of your favourite pastimes, record players are making a comeback unlike any other with a niche role in the modern music scene.

The best turntables around today are a far cry from the dusty old record players you may discover in your parents’ attic – they are intricate works of art that create a unique listening experience. When paired with built-in Bluetooth connectivity and USB compatibility, you can see why there is such a vogue for vinyl.

While there are many options on the market that can leave you in a right spin, we have narrowed it down to some of our firm favourites…


An outstanding selection of products to accommodate every audio enthusiast, Pro-Ject’s innate ability to keep turntables fresh and stylish creates a collection unlike any other.

‘The Classic’, proudly at the centre of a multi-award-winning range, cleverly combines traditional design with modern technology to generate an exceptional piece of kit suitable for any audiophile.


From turntables fit for newbies entering into the world of vinyl to some of the most advanced pieces of kit in the world, Rega has meticulously crafted works of art for over 40 years.

The grand Planar 10 cleverly encapsulates the essence of the iconic Rega Naiad and successfully takes on the most advanced, high-end turntables on the market.


The absolute best of the best – the pinnacle of vinyl reproduction today. A wealth of research and development has gone into these complete turntables, making them revolutionary icons that are constantly advancing.

The flagship Klimax LP12 is an investment that will continue to amaze and reward you, with a modular design that allows you to easily update it whenever a new upgrade is released – this is the turntable that keeps on giving.

Clarke Infinity can integrate turntables into your home control system for an effortless acoustic experience – give our expert team a call today on 01277 624444 for more information.