Securing the gateway to your home

The ability to decide how easily you give access to your property is pivotal for any security system and the day-to-day running of your home. There are many ways to stop unwanted guests getting into your grounds, but how do you stop security hampering you and people you trust, going about their business unobstructed? We recommend when choosing a system you consider the security at the entrance, access and visibility.

The entrance

For easy-to-operate security around your property, automatic gates can be an excellent choice. They can be simple systems that allow a mobile device, fob or number plate recognition to open the gates upon your arrival. You can set these gates up to work with any trigger you wish, but are limited when it comes to allowing temporary access to your property unless other technology is added to it.

Intercom system

For a simple measure that can be used at any type of entrance to allow temporary access, an intercom is one of the most widely used system. With features such as call buttons, touch screen and video, there are straightforward solutions that enable you to monitor people wishing to enter your vicinity.

Improved connectivity allows you access to your intercoms from any device, whether you are at home or elsewhere. Intercom systems can be used alongside other security systems to enable a one-off visitor to enter your property with your permission without giving them full-time access.

Once the gates and system are chosen you need to consider the visibility of your grounds both at the entrance and the route to your property. A comprehensive network of CCTV on the approach and at the gates allows you to keep a continual eye over what’s happening and flag any worrying behaviour just a short distance from your property. By adding home automation capability to your security system you can access your cameras at any time to deliver constant visibility over your property.

Whatever your requirements, we can deliver and advise on bespoke security solutions for your property, talk to our team on 01277 624444 or book an appointment with one of our experts.