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Peace of mind with comprehensive security.

The owners of this beautiful four-floor property know their home is their castle and were keen to find an easy-to-use yet highly effective solution to security as part of their comprehensive smart home technology. The Clarke team are no strangers to this challenge, considering CCTV and security functionality a key element of any smart home and never an afterthought, but as ever a bespoke solution would be required to best deliver for the house itself, its contents and the people living within it. The owners wanted full control of a user-friendly system to give them an uncompromising view inside and out and to allow the whole family to come and go safely and freely with full confidence that their home will remain protected at all times.

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CCTV and Security


Intergrated smart home CCTV and security

Clarke’s task was to implement an integrated security solution as part of the wider smart home design and installation, encompassing the full property inside and out, comprising cameras, smart control, secure entry points and ease of use for all. Unobtrusive equipment would be required to blend in with the property’s uncluttered aesthetic without sacrifice to the sense of comprehensive safety, using equipment of the highest specifications. Intelligent, user-friendly software and control was crucial to deliver an uninterrupted experience for the family, allowing activation/deactivation, locking/unlocking, and more, with no disruption to routine or a need to learn new complex software.

The Clarke team took the time to assess the building and make the best recommendations and the system really suits us and the property, it’s simple to use and makes us all feel that much safer whether we’re in or out.

Steve B, Castle Court



Clarke designed an extensive, all-encompassing solution.

Hikvision is a world leader within the industry and a go-to brand of Clarke Infinity’s security experts. Wall cameras were selected and mounted in prime locations throughout the house, garden and courtyard to provide visual coverage from optimal angles. This would include AcuSense units and Camect AI, capable of distinguishing between human movement and that from animals or vehicles, for acute accuracy and second-to-none surveillance capabilities. 

With a mass of cables and hardware to contend with, all elements were to be meticulously and safely stowed ‘out of the way’ in the for-purpose rack room. All cameras throughout the inside and outside of the property are accessible, and can be monitored, from any of the screens throughout the property, allowing owners to have eyes on all areas of the property and toggle between views as needed to keep track of any activity throughout. Security features can also be accessed quickly via Control4 touchscreen panels located elsewhere across the house.

Access to the property via entrance gates can be monitored and controlled, including a 2N numeric keypad for passcode unlock and entry through the gate, alongside a camera and intercom function for visitors, preventing anyone setting foot on the premises unnoticed or unapproved.

An ekey fingerprint scanner – capable of storing dozens of verified fingerprint records – is installed at the main door access to the building for the highest levels of security, providing keyless unlocking for streamlined, fast access for residents and trusted visitors – and preventing unauthorised entry from anyone else

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