How Smart is your Smart Home?

Automating and upgrading your home has never been easier, with all new technology offering so many benefits, such as added comfort, extra security, energy saving and the highest quality entertainment options – not to mention that unmistakable feeling of luxury. Quality products installed with expert flair can future-proof your property and elevate your home experience to enviable new heights.

Inexpert, improper or careless installation of the technology in your home, however, might mean that your fortress is susceptible to external factors – simply put, not all Smart Homes are quite as smart as they appear! Here are some of the common pitfalls that could cause gaps in your smart home’s armour:

Keyless Entry and Smart Locks

Keyless entry and smart locks – when installed correctly and encrypted – can protect your property, providing extra security as well as convenience and ease of use.  Poorly installed fingerprint readers can be easily pulled off the wall, allowing access to the contact pad and the easy release of the door; whereas smart locks without secure encryption can be circumvented by savvy intruders.

Voice Control

Voice control on gadgets can provide us with the ultimate in convenience and time-saving, but it is not without its risks. An insecure system can be overridden remotely, or even by something as simple as an intruder’s call through an open window. A quality installer will be able to advise on the risks and how best to implement voice control into your home without compromising your security.

Security Systems and Passwords

Suffice to say, weak passwords leave any system vulnerable, but a security system that cannot defend itself against would-be hackers could have serious consequences for the safety of your home and its contents. Any installer worth their salt will take the necessary steps to ensure your home is protected digitally as well as physically.

When it comes to the security of your home, it really pays to trust the true experts. The team at Clarke Infinity have all the experience and know-how to design a bespoke smart solution to meet your home’s potential – without compromise. Give us a call on 01277 624444 to discuss how we can help.