Making the most out of outdoor living?

Longer summer evenings are the perfect time for enjoying being outside but are you making the most out of your garden?

There are lots of exciting options to consider from automated controlled lighting to sensational outdoor audio and even screens allowing you to enjoy being outside but not missing a minute of the World Cup.

Brighten up your outdoor space with the Lutron control panel, integrating ease of control for both your interior and exterior lighting. The specialist lighting team at Clarke Infinity pre-programme your lighting panel to reflect you and your home. Whether that is highlighting features in your garden or creating the ideal ambience for your seating area – the perfect lighting is just a push of a button away.

One of our current favourite outdoor lighting brands is Collingwood; they offer original and well-designed fixtures for an array of outdoor uses. Spike Lights are the perfect accessory for shining a light on nature, from highlighting a feature tree to lighting up a lake. Collingwood Bollard Lights create well-lit drives and pathways even in the late hours making your garden the perfect spot whatever the time.

Making the most of outdoor space is much more than lighting… don’t let your outdoor AV take a back seat. We also offer revolutionary home entertainment from C-SEED and Sonance, which will ensure entertaining in your garden has never been easier. High quality audio and visual entertainment creates the ideal atmosphere for your BBQs, garden parties or even when watching the footie.

Outdoor TVs take enjoying your garden to the next level and ensure you don’t miss a second of a vital game or your favourite box set. C-SEED’s fantastic range feature toughened glass, day light display, high brightness, unfolding and rotating options to deliver the perfect angle, leading design and more.

To find out more, give our experienced team a call on 01277 624 444 and discover how we can help make your outdoor space work for you.