Delivering Your Dream Design

As home automation experts we are committed to delivering bespoke, high quality installations throughout the world. From luxury home cinemas through to exceptional audio systems, we are experts in implementing the greatest lifestyle technologies for your home.

Our specialist team will plan your installation in detail to guarantee we deliver the level of excellence you deserve. We will discuss your requirements to get a full and thorough understanding of your needs, so that each project is completely prepared and envisioned beforehand, ensuring we can provide the dream system you desire.

Clarke Infinity’s bespoke service begins with an initial call to discuss your interests and your budget. We will then schedule in a site visit with a team member, who will collect details about your home, check out technical aspects such as existing wiring, architecture, room layout, and note where potential issues may arise. The surveyor will want to hear more about your dream system so we can select the best solution for you.

Once we have visited your home, we review the designs and coordinate with other suppliers before final proposals are confirmed. You will then receive the site plan with outlined recommendations and quotes, guiding you through your design options.

Once all designs are agreed, our expert team will begin turning your dreams into reality and commence working on your high-end bespoke project, delivering the highest quality installation possible.

If you wish to transform your home viewing and listening experience, speak to our friendly specialist home automation installers today on 01277 624444 and take the first step in planning your dream home automation system.