Free CPD Training Opportunities with Clarke Infinity!

Did you know that Clarke Infinity are accredited CPD trainers?

If you’ve not encountered CPD (Continuing Professional Development) before, it describes a branch of learning for professionals which intends to enhance their skills and abilities in a given field. CPD training involves a variety of techniques including workshops, conferences and e-learning and encourages businesses to be proactive in learning and continual improvement.

Accreditation ensures we’re at the top of our game when it comes to delivering smart home designs to our clients but also enables us to share our expertise with other businesses.

In the past we’ve provided free CPD training to a number of our suppliers – helping to ensure that anyone working with us on our clients’ projects are doing so the same exacting standards.

We’re delighted to be able to deliver the following training – completely free of charge – either in your office, or off-site at one of our venues:

  • “Designing Integrated Future-Ready Homes”
  • “Smart Home Cabling Requirements for the Modern Home”
  • “Designing Home Cinema and Media Rooms”

Training sessions would last approximately an hour and will bring you up to date with the latest technology and innovations to benefit your business.

We’d really enjoy the opportunity to work with you – combining our expertise with yours to deliver a bespoke, unrivalled service to all our customers.

If you’re interested and feel your company could benefit from some free training in one of more of the above topics, don’t hesitate to get in touch through our website today or by giving us a call on 01277 624444.