Lutron Gold Dealer for 2022

Lutron Gold Dealer 2022We’re pleased to announce, for the third year running, our continued Lutron Gold Dealer status for 2022!

One of the team’s most trusted brands, Lutron solutions in your smart home offer a result that is far more than the sum of their parts. While each individual highly performing product, as standalone additions, hold the power to enhance your experience of your property, Lutron technology’s ability to harmonise with other elements in your home, simply and with flexibility, means they’re second to none when it comes to your holistic smart home system. From something as simple as a dimmer switch, to fully automated room-wide – or property-wide – lighting solutions that bring together lamps and shades to work together around your lifestyle, Lutron have got you covered.

The Clarke team have turned to Lutron on countless smart home projects in the past, for lighting, blinds and curtains, heating and cooling considerations and more. A few examples of how Lutron have enabled us to go above and beyond our clients’ needs:

  • Energy efficient solutions – when our customer told us they wanted to prioritise energy efficiency in their smart home, Lutron came straight to mind, affording the family full control at the touch of a button. Lutron blinds were fitted in each room in the property, programmed to work with the heating and cooling system in the ceiling to save energy on temperature control, reducing heat gain as well as maximising natural lighting.
  • Simple programming for your lifestyle – Lutron lighting is easy to use in any case but can be pre-programmed and timed to come on or go off at the right time each day, saving time and effort as well as preserving energy. Lights up when it’s time to rise in the morning, and all off, inside and out, once everyone’s home safely.
  • Working together – clean, natural light is a gift in the home but can cause glare, unwanted temperature increases and more. Lutron blinds, and lights, can work together in a bespoke system for your property; gone are the days of having to manually shut all the curtains and switch on your lamps one by one – with the touch of a button on your app or control panel, your room intelligently reacts and adjusts in a series of smooth moves. A time and effort saver – the epitome of convenience.

Visit our previous blog posts, and case studies pages, for examples of how our team have implemented Lutron into our design projects.

Time to open up and let the light in with Lutron and Clarke Infinity. Give us a ring on 01277 624444 when you’re ready to chat to our friendly knowledgeable experts.